Global Art believe in nurturing the children with art experience in their young age development, and it can only be achieve with creative learning. Global Art programme are filled with lively classes, variety of exploration on colouring, drawing, painting and crafting techniques.

Our achievements for 2018

Our centre now offers the following programmes:

Junior Programme (age 3 – 4 years)

The programme is designed to enhance student’s knowledge and confidence by encouraging literacy and social skills. Classes are fun, enjoyable with informative art activities through creative games, puzzles and storytelling sessions. Children will learn to execute systematic colouring technique and crafting.

This course focuses on colour recognition, learning shapes and numbers and helps children develop their motor skills.

Foundation Programme (age 5-6 years)

Using variety of multidisciplinary based themes in drawing projects through observation, the modules teaches children to search for creativity within the boundary around our daily life. The class consists of simple drawings involving colour toning with the introduction to mix-medium and special colouring effects.


Pre-Basic Programme (age 6-7 years)

Children will be exploring multiple subjects through observation of drawing ‘technique’ using lines, shapes, grids and perspective drawings. Follow by theoretical and practical exercise, this course serves as a great way for inspiring children to develop their pencilling technique with a personal touch.

Basic Programme (age 7-9 years)

An introduction to creative drawing using real life subjects such as fruits and animals, children will create their very own original illustrations of a series of story based themes. The classes are proven an effective approach to register and expand ideas by composition of drawing and colouring.

Enhancement programme

Enhancement programme is the latest programme for children to gain exposure to creative hands-on artwork. The programmes focus on stretching children's imagination through various form of interesting and non repetitive workshops such as: Deco Art, G-Clay, Cartoon & Comics, Handicrafts, Acrylics Painting, Cultural Art.